Retail Software Development Services
  • Simplify customer experience.
  • Using cutting-edge technology, and attracting more customers.
  • Keep a step ahead of your competitors while concentrating on your company plan.
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Why should your company implement
retail software development?

To improve performance, customer engagement, and profitability, select
reputable IoT app development services from Accellabs.

Ecommerce software engineering solutions
of the team members are PhDs
of the workforce is senior software engineers
of our clients are market-leading businesses

The Benefits of Accellabs
for Your Retail Business

Our skills in business analytics and big data will enable you to evaluate
your customer experience immediately and come to more cost-effective

Digitalize your retail approach

We can assist you in enhancing your in-store capabilities with customized retail software solutions, such as VR/AR apps, self-service, and simplified transactions in order to draw in more consumers and increase conversion rates.

Set Up AI to control demand

We provide you with a strong tool for anticipating and adjusting to maximum demand. You may minimize risk, expedite order administration, increase delivery effectiveness, and maximize profit.

Automate your supplies

For greater cost-effectiveness, you may map out associated with the inventory expenditures based on anticipated sales volumes with our retail software development solution.

Centralize your supply network

We employ blockchain to support our clients in managing their distribution network in a safe, consistent, and timely way.

Solutions We Provide

Platform Development for retail
Platform Development for retail

Expanding performance metrics for the customer experience with exquisite eCommerce retail software.

  • User-friendly websites
  • Advanced payment methods
  • Database
  • Analysis tools
Software Development for PoS
Software Development for PoS

Retail businesses may now offer their consumers a whole new level of convenience thanks to the development of advanced point-of-sale (PoS) systems.

  • Customization
  • Programming
  • Implementation
Mobile App Development for Retail
Mobile App Development for Retail

Development of point-of-sale applications, connection with social media and the cloud, and mobile management of the supply chain, warehousing, and logistics.

  • Quick
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient
Cloud Retail Infrastructure
Cloud Retail Infrastructure

Benefits of cloud development for retail include the cost-effectiveness of cloud services, application security, and availability and performance planning.

  • Installation
  • Connection
  • Transfer of current systems to the cloud
IoT in the Retail
IoT in the Retail

Enhance your customers’ experiences with wearables, augmented reality, and more.

  • Apple
  • Android
  • VR & more
Marketing and CRM software
Marketing and CRM software

Comprehensive analyses of

  • Data from retail websites
  • CRM integration
  • Retail data processing systems
Retail Blockchain
Retail Blockchain

Establishing networks of decentralized applications for

  • Sales
  • Payment processing
  • Accounting
  • Inventory management
Introduction of chatbots
Introduction of chatbots

Using smart chatbots to

  • increase productivity
  • improve customer service
We demonstrate how to evaluate your customer’s behavior in real-time and identify solutions that can improve engagement and cut expenses.
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Why Choose Accellabs as your Go-To
Retail Software Development Service Company?

Offering all the skills you require for the full-on creation of retail software, from design to comprehensive programming and maintenance.
Assisting your business in boosting ROI and improving operational efficiency.
Dependable, secure, and compliant with the highest security protocols software, protecting all of your information and client data from intrusions and data losses.

Our Provided Retail Software
Development Services

Our experienced programmers are skilled at building appealing and captivating
retail software from the bottom up.

The most advanced retail execution
system in the world, designed to
address the issues of today’s retail

How we worked with Repsly to upgrade the system from Angular 1 to the
latest version of Angular without loss of performance of the product.

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Presenting the most advanced and reliable monitoring system

How Accellabs contributed to the development of a cost-effective, dependable,
and easy-to-install technology specifically created for the cold chain.

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The Best Kitchen and Bathroom Quoting and Visualization Software

The world’s first virtual kiosk that provides a comprehensive kitchen visualizer
as well as a fast estimate to fit the customer’s preferred design was developed
in collaboration with Quote Countertops and Accellabs.

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The ultimate, premium B2B SaaS company management solution

Accellabs assisted ZING in developing a thorough platform that increased
sales and improved the client management system.

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