Software Audit Services

To reduce risk and the chance of shortfall, Accellabs
assists you in evaluating the advantages and
disadvantages of your present software products and

We Will Help You

Find any weak spots

We’ll assist you in identifying the qualities and any possible dangers within your Software Development in order to create a stronger software platform by conducting an independent assessment of your present products, internal procedures, and records.

Create the greatest product you can

Your product will undergo thorough testing in accordance with industry-recognized standards. To maximize productivity and provide you with the best opportunity of spotting blockages before launch, we work within a solid and entirely evidence-based structure.

Publish your stuff more quickly

By identifying blockages and trouble spots in your software development and/or evaluation techniques, our thorough software audit helps you save significant time and money.

Make an effective software implementation strategy

Together, using rigorous examinations, we’ll pinpoint any problems with the project development and management consulting procedures in order to maximize future efficiency.

Create a vision for your company’s future

After assessment, we’ll assist you to establish a reliable foundation for your software processes, and we’ll follow up to ensure that we are able to guarantee your success.

Minimize challenges with newly released products

We’ll test your apps’ functionality from beginning to end to help you find software bugs before releasing your product.

What we do

Based on your company’s goals, budget, and business demands, we will first draft a
preliminary audit overview before conducting a thorough software analysis and development
process while keeping you updated along the way.

We’ll assess how stable each component of your process structure is — creation and release, product delivery, organizational structure and more.
The reliability of your software package will be thoroughly analyzed by our team of specialists, which includes: architectural style, methodology and database, coding caliber, protection, etc.
After we’ve finished your analysis, we’ll provide you with a summary report that outlines any inconsistencies, their degree, dangers, and suggested solutions. We may also collaborate with you to develop a thorough action plan for problem resolution.

How It Works

In order to assist you to increase business achievements, we’ll put your project
to a thorough test.

We determine your company’s requirements and goals and start drafting the customized strategy to assess your needs. After gathering the required data and its evaluation and confirming our conclusions, we discuss the results.
We present you our findings and suggestions to determine the next course of action.
We co-create a strategic plan of action for implementation of what we have gathered and its resolvent analysis.
After we’ve concluded your research and created a comprehensive action plan to solve the issue, we don’t leave your side but continue to guide you through the process.
Are you prepared to design a strategy for upcoming improvement and receive an independent assessment of your present software solution?
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Why Choose Accellabs

Our audit specialists identify the main priorities and use adaptable
cases for your brand and assess it in accordance with industry
standards and best practices. The analysis identifies possible
accessibility problems and offers suggestions for resolving them.

  • The faults that have been found are listed in an audit report that Accellabs’ specialists have supplied, along with suggestions for how to fix them.
  • You may increase the efficiency, simplicity of use, and growth potential of your product as well as lower the number of user errors by following the advice of our experts.
  • You get the ensuing QA assistance as well as a customized quality plan.
  • We make sure that your product will work perfectly after getting released.
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