Smart Team

Large businesses that want to boost their production quickly while
also cutting expenses are embracing the outsourced center concept
with determination. The most effective method to manage a large
project is to have your own dedicated Accellabs team.

We Will Help You

Receive a high-end approach

Every project is unique and requires a tailored development and implementation strategy. Accellabs can provide a dedicated project manager who will make sure you achieve your goals with excellence as well as overlook the creative and implementation processes.

Get a transparent outlook on the project

You will have access to the project material and data at every point of the project. Your project manager will keep you up-to-date on the progress and changes to the project.

Adjust to the end result

Our team constantly works on long-term projects which allows them to foresee any potential risks and deviations from the plan which ultimately reduces the risk of an increase in budget. Your dedicated team will choose the best way to manage verticals that can be hard to handle: fast delivery, clarity on current issues, dynamic changes to the final goal, and flexibility in cost changes.

What we do

We appoint and supervise offshore software development teams in a flexible, economical, and
time-sensitive manner.

We assemble for you a high-performing team with pertinent technical specialists and domain knowledge for your project.
Our chosen team will increase the output that will boost your progress
We reduce the workload on your core staff through outsourcing.

Key to successful collaboration

Adaptive staffing

and team onboarding processes

Off-site and on-site

and team onboarding processes

Performance management

framework and productivity best practices

Talent nurturing programs

with individual development plans and special training

Flexible financial models

and adaptable legal models including fixed cost

Staff retention policy

and project health management programs

in-house experts
candidates in our database
employee satisfaction
years of collaboration on average

How We Work

We organize the work of the highest-performing specialists, enabling you to increase your
project’s technological capabilities efficiently.

We assemble a team of experts that are most suited for the project at hand based on the specifications you provide. We create team structures and set up handy shared workspaces for collaboration with your team.
In accordance with your expectations and our strict standards and in order to concentrate on your primary business goals, we manage out expert teams. We appoint a project manager who will be in charge of team growth and retention.
If you work with us right away, we’ll organize the smart teams and establish all lines of communication for a smooth workflow.
Our knowledgeable staff adheres to our special delivery methodology, which is visible, reliable, and persistent. This provides you with more information and constant complete visibility of the project.
Are you prepared to deliver your project and increase your development capabilities fast and efficiently?
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Why Choose Accellabs

We handle all technical responsibilities while delivering outsourced
software development services so you can concentrate on your
company’s goals and overall strategies.


  • Establish a project budget and a committed project team.
  • Motivate professionals and offer personal development strategies.
  • Guarantee development transparency and approachability.
  • Constantly improve performance based on customer input.
  • Recognize your company’s procedures and core values.
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