The Best Kitchen and Bathroom Quoting and Visualization Software

The world's first virtual kiosk that provides a comprehensive kitchen visualizer
as well as a fast estimate to fit the customer's preferred design was developed
in collaboration with Quote Countertops and Accellabs.


In order to provide answers to the problems facing
the countertop business, Quote Countertops has teamed up with several of the finest fabricators in
the USA. The company specializes in setting up or improving existing countertop programs with the
best countertop lead-generating software available.

Location: USA, Arizona
Industry: 3D Visualization, Retail
Client since: 2016-2021

By enabling clients to generate
an exact immediate price using
any internet-connected device
without the need for a salesperson, this quoting
software has changed the way
people purchase countertops.


In our fast-paced society, time truly is money.

For the typical customer, figuring out square footage might be challenging. It also takes time to explain the differences in stones to buyers that visit your store. Prices and patterns are all that are present at first. Hours later, though, they may have no other option but to select the precise item.

Customers expect a quick estimate that takes into account their demands. Businesses, on the other hand, seek opportunities.

The goal of the client was to elevate the Average Business to the Status of a Premier Countertop Marketplace.


It can be difficult to sell items directly to customers since, without guidance, consumers find it impossible to choose products that are suitable and have all the necessary components. More than half of shoppers leave a business without ever asking a salesperson for assistance.

The client needed a software program that enables precise implementation of any product type without the assistance of an expert and that makes it simple for customers to buy appropriate items with consumer-friendly design capabilities. Thus, making it simple for customers to see items in a setting familiar to their own as a consequence.


Easy-to-use quotation tools and a process with an emphasis on speed are provided by Quote Countertops.

By developing the first virtual kiosk to provide both a comprehensive kitchen visualizer and a quick price to match the customer’s preferred design, Quote Countertops changed the countertop market. Now, you may sell countertops in your firm without having a whole kitchen setup.

Accellabs helped create the quotation software to be flexible enough to adapt to any price structure with the ability to scale for particular projects or client categories.

With the help of the square foot calculator, measuring for your clients made an easy procedure that includes simple drag-and-drop capabilities that automatically compute square footage and linear edging.

With hundreds of options at their disposal, the unrivaled kitchen visualizer gives customers the freedom to change design elements. Customers may further improve their vision by choosing their vanities and take into account utility options in any color. The 3D bathroom visualizer provides consumers with a distinctive virtual design experience and is fully mobile-friendly.

Customers may now obtain a fast price from home on more than 100 color selections using the Quoting Tool, which is available on the company website. The finest quality leads are being generated for your sales staff to close. It allows the stores to have an immediate online presence and access to the internet marketplace.

Accellabs has proven dedicated to delivering exceptional results for a fraction of the cost. Communicative and diligent, the team consistently exceeds expectations, which has helped secure further engagement.

The results

We successfully carried out the client’s roadmap and assumed project management responsibilities, enabling Quote Countertops to concentrate on its core business idea and put its faith in a highly qualified partner for development outcomes.

  • Due to the product’s user-friendly design, even inexperienced users may use it without any formal training, simplifying what could otherwise be a difficult task.
  • A customer may easily reach their desired outcome with the help of the square footage calculator and high-definition photographs of the materials, sinks, and faucets that are accessible with a precise quotation in less than three minutes.
  • With the click of a mouse or the touch of a finger, customers may add choices like finished lines, various configurations, and utilities to their designs.
  • Users may also envision their perfect setup in less than 20 minutes while shopping from the convenience of their homes.


This solution makes it simple for buyers to shop for desired goods without limiting their choices and offers exact configuration for each product category without the requirement for professional assistance.

Quote Countertops software provides both eye-catching and easy-to-use design alternatives, making it easier for clients to view things in a setting that is similar to their own house.

Quote Countertops includes an extensive CRM to better handle each user experience and complex revenue maximization from beginning to end.

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