Presenting the most advanced and reliable monitoring system

How Accellabs contributed to the development of a cost-effective, dependable,
and easy-to-install technology specifically created for the cold chain.


White Horse Scientific is a leader in temperature
monitoring and cold storage solutions. with more
than 20 years of expertise in providing specialized
products from reliable producers worldwide for
all laboratory needs.

Location: UK
Industry: Industrial IoT, Monitoring systems
Client since: 2021

In order to monitor the temperature of the Covid Vaccine while it was being transported, London Ambulance has used our IoT solution – Logicall IceCube.


Perishable goods’ quality and safety are essential to every company’s image.

At White Horse Scientific, they offer sophisticated customized installation, repair, and upkeep for a variety of laboratory equipment. With over 25 years of expertise in the field, they can tailor totally unique orders and provide assistance to fulfill the best product for any specific use, whether it’s a one-off solution or a customized product.


Previously a luxury, temperature tracking and monitoring are now a standard. Pharmacies and laboratories are mandated to keep safety and control of the maintained goods. Therefore, the unique system that continually, remotely, and automatically tracks the temperature of the temperature-sensitive products is essential.

The client needed a solution that provides a low-cost efficient monitoring system for a variety of applications by using a single sensor to monitor Temperature, Humidity, Light, and Door Open or Close, using separate sensors to keep an eye on a refrigerator or freezer, a room, or a warehouse.


Never seen before immediate access to robust, accessible, reliable details at a reasonable rate.

A broad variety of services, including product design, system architectures, data science, software development, quality control, and deployment, are offered by Accellabs. The wireless monitoring device Logicall IceCube was created in-house and offers a flexible approach to track practically any parameter, using a single sensor to monitor Temperature, Humidity, Light, and Door Open or Close. The tiny sensors have a battery life of up to three years and provide excellent adaptability. Movement, energy use, and other factors may all be monitored using different sensors.

Simple three-step setup:

    Installing the sensors just takes a few seconds, and they deliver precise and immediate data assessments.
    All of the sensor data is processed by our gateway before being sent to Logicall Cloud.
    You may remotely access and control your cold chain data, and even establish cutoff points for automatic reporting and alarms.


Anywhere it is installed, a tiny wireless sensor gathers the necessary data, delivering real-time data to a hub where it is processed before being transferred to the safe Logicall cloud. The information, including compliance reports, may then be obtained from your mobile or desktop device.

When leaks and door deviations happen, the solution is set up to send out automated warnings.

Furthermore, the system is so sophisticated that it can determine which problems require your awareness and when to stop bothering you with bogus warnings.

The results

The product was successfully supplied by Accellabs on schedule and within the agreed-upon pricing range. The tool garnered favorable reviews and was utilized by London Ambulance to keep track of the Covid Vaccine’s temperature while it was being transferred.


Prevent product loss from improper storage practices.

Data integration through a secure cloud system from any location around the globe

Timely identification of probable hardware failures.

Perform analyses on old information that is kept in a safe place.

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