Custom Healthcare Software Development
  • Take advantage of technology advancements to provide first-rate patient care.
  • Improve clinical results.
  • Optimize the efficiency of the allocation of funds.
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With the help of our customized healthcare software development
services, you will be able to provide your patients with mobile access to
their health data at any moment.

Reduce expenses and boost effectiveness

We will assist you in introducing digitalization into your key business procedures and workflows so you may make better use of the time that doctors have available, lessen the need for human labor, and minimize operating expenses.

Digitize to enhance clinical outcomes

By automating important steps in your laboratory tests, healthcare software development helps you save time on data collecting, processing, and analytics. In order to decrease medical mistakes, improve your diagnostic skills, and devote more of your important time to providing top-notch treatment.

Control health records efficiently

For easy access that enhances service delivery, we’ll help you organize and integrate patient information and test results through a centralized storage center. By completing administrative duties more quickly, you can devote more time to producing the highest-value healthcare services.

Safeguard confidential patient information

By digitally preserving and organizing your patient health records, we’ll help you minimize the hazards connected with healthcare information theft and loss.

Our Healthcare Software
Development Services

We will work with you to develop and manage customized, affordable
technology solutions that support your company’s effectiveness and best
caters to the requirements of your patients

Corporate Consulting
Corporate Consulting

We will determine how best to use our customized healthcare software development services to achieve your specific company’s goals and enable you to change in order to better serve the requirements of your patients.

Software Development
Software Development

Your current software structure will be analyzed, re-designed, implemented, and maintained with the support of Accellabs’ full-cycle development services. So that you may concentrate on consistently providing outstanding service, we will strive to effortlessly incorporate new technology solutions into your workflow without interfering with your current operations.

R&D Services
R&D Services

Using cutting-edge customized healthcare software development solutions, we will cooperate with you to explore your most ambitious ideas and implement them, enabling you to streamline procedures and reduce losses.

Cyber Security Services
Cyber Security Services

To assist you in handling private patient records, linked hospital supplies, and your complete IT infrastructure from hacks and data theft, we deliver comprehensive cyber security services.

Integration services
Integration services

Our team of software engineers has extensive expertise in assisting medical organizations with the integration of outside tools and technology into their IT environment.

We offer healthcare software development solutions, which include technical advancements, computerized business processes, and effective handling of patient records
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Security Guidelines and Qualifications
for Healthcare Software

We perform our services in strict accordance with the primary rules, norms, and best practices of the worldwide healthcare sector, so you may ensure the security and confidentiality of the results.

  • ISO 9001, ISO27001, SOC2 certifications
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Unique Healthcare Solutions by Accellabs

We aim to equip you with customized technical solutions that best fit your business.

We will assist you in developing and implementing a range of mobile medical applications, including those for doctors and health clinics that offer innovative functions for monitoring systems, prescription tracking, and wellness.
By providing your clients with online access to top-notch quality healthcare, such as evaluations of medical reports and online consultations via mobile applications, you will stay on top of the game. We will create a unique strategy for developing medical software that enables you to use an eHealth solution with strong security and confidentiality features.
To continuously provide safer and higher-quality treatment, and also create a complete perspective of your patient’s medical data, we will provide you with unique EHR/EMR apps that facilitate clinical documentation administration, automated medical processes, and enhance system compatibility.
Use your data to guide both clinical and operational decisions throughout your whole healthcare organization, so it may swiftly and affordably adopt cutting-edge healthcare data analytics solutions by utilizing our medical software development services.
To handle the workflows of your health professionals more effectively and optimize your budgetary, operational, and medical processes, we can assist you in developing and implementing cutting-edge Hospital and Clinic Information Systems (HIS/CIS) and medical practice management software.
To increase funding levels, maximize income, and keep your healthcare firm financially stable as well as digitize and simplify every step of the billing cycle, we will also assist you in putting into practice specialized medical billing software programs.
By installing specifically designed medical claims software solutions that comply with industrial standards, we assist you in digitizing the entire claims management process and facilitating end-to-end engagements with insurance carriers.
We will boost your customer happiness, enhance the availability of health information, and promote user engagement by implementing cutting-edge interfaces into your daily workflow. Your patients will be able to schedule medical appointments, examine medical reports and medications, use billing capabilities, and much more.
Patients who have limited mobility will be able to access a variety of treatment techniques and adaptable medical equipment, which will make their daily activities more convenient and secure.
We create specialized tomography software, including mobile desktop online solutions that enable doctors and radiologists to work more quickly and effectively.

The Technologies We Use

Integrate cutting-edge digital healthcare technologies to streamline the collection and
storage of patient data, support medical decisions, and reduce time-consuming
manual methods so your medical staff can deliver superior medical services and care.

  • Technologies for online patient monitoring
  • Administration of electronic medical records (EMRs)
  • Establishment of the qualifications of medical personnel
Visual computing
  • Options for automating lab testing
  • Technologies for remotely monitoring patients
  • Solutions for advanced screening and diagnosis
Visual computing
Data analysis
  • Optimization and control of healthcare costs
  • Monitoring of customer engagement
  • Analysis of treatment efficiency
Data analysis
Algorithms for Advising Medical Care
  • Prognostications of harmful drug reactions or negative effects
  • Symptoms and risk assessment instruments
  • Suggestions from healthcare professionals
Algorithms for Advising Medical Care
Data science and artificial intelligence
  • Modern data analytics to improve clinical effectiveness
  • Technologies for supporting clinical diagnosis
  • Personalized medical solutions
Data science and artificial intelligence

Accellabs’ Healthcare Software Solutions

We approach each project uniquely, determining the best ways to execute it,
and work with the client to make the most of their time, money, and resources.

The product which is supposed to
change cardiology in the USA

Accellabs assisted Steth IO in implementing constant, remote, adjustable
patient care to any mobile device.

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Presenting the most advanced and reliable monitoring system

How Accellabs contributed to the development of a cost-effective, dependable,
and easy-to-install technology specifically created for the cold chain.

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