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Logistics & Supply Chain Software Development
  • Empower your business with cutting-edge logistics software and technology.
  • Connect your transportation, warehouses, and supply chain for efficient, economical asset allocation.
  • Improve customer service and outperform opponents with quicker, safer delivery.
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Our supply chain and logistics clients receive cutting-edge technology
and the most recent commercial solutions.

Increasing logistics chain performance

Your activities will be integrated with the performance software solutions, helping you manage your assets and processes with the least amount of time, money, and effort.

Boost warehouse efficiency

We can create specialized inventory software solutions that can handle processes related to your daily operations, while linked IoT devices boost efficiency and remove human inaccuracy.

Make a big switch to digitalization

We can create the best-fitting logistics software solutions for your users by employing our industry knowledge, management consulting, and systems engineering experience.

Change up your price strategy

Our cutting-edge analysis and modeling tools let you flexibly change your pricing approach and boost income.

Lower your expenses

Implement route optimization to enhance capacity and provide exceptional customer service, saving on fuel and penalty fees.

Utilize capacity effectively

By employing sophisticated analytics to estimate peak demand, you might save logistical running expenses with the help of our management software development solutions and benefit financially.

Maintain operational stability

We provide logistics software development services that enable organizations to optimize their processes for performance, reliability, and stability–overcoming industrial difficulties.

Safety-proof transportation procedures

We can assist you in implementing more intelligent maintenance strategies and techniques to lower risks and enhance scheduling.

Maximize the value of your data

In order to analyze and forecast client demand and adapt your business, we’ll assist you in creating and managing your big data pool.

We help you navigate your resources and operations with the lowest risk, price, and duration.
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Solutions We Provide

Consultations on technology and procedures
Consultations on technology and procedures

We’ll jointly identify any gaps in your current operating procedures before creating a solid development.

  • Plan to assist you in using technology
  • Streamline your workflow
  • Reduce costs
Advanced analytical decisions
Advanced analytical decisions

You can profit the most with the aid of our industry and engineering skills.

  • Examine past and current tendencies
  • Adjust your resources and capabilities to evolving market needs
Customer services integration
Customer services integration

To completely consolidate your business, our logistics software solutions connect systems that work together to launch data mining processes while taking care of safety, reliance, and maintenance.

  • CRM
  • ERP
  • CMS
Technology solutions for premium logistics
Technology solutions for premium logistics

We establish a long-term technological collaboration to convert your company ideas into reliable, scalable solutions with unrivaled user experiences.

  • Idea development from beginning to end
  • Supplement your current team
  • Faster delivery schedule

What We Offer

Through the use of cutting-edge innovative tools and breakthrough technology,
Accellabs can assist you in overcoming any obstacles and help your business expand.

Software for managing transportation services

Construct a full-featured freight management software platform that will assist you in improving operational effectiveness by taking care of all stages.

  • Improve route and capacity planning
  • Monitor transport transactions in live time
  • Organize reports for transit
  • Data gathering and practical findings
Software for managing transportation services
Transportation software for shipping companies

By creating a specialized Transportation Management System, you can digitize your shipping procedures, including market prices, business applications, travel information, stack boards, and more.

  • Comply with regional and international laws
  • Draw invoices in 1 or 2 clicks
  • Optimize tracking and data analysis
  • Tracking shipments across the globe
Transportation software for shipping companies
Computer software for brokers

By creating and implementing a single logistics platform, you can manage your complicated 3rd logistics operations and satisfy your brokers.

  • Broking services are done automatically
  • Handle loading operations quicker
  • Produce orders instantly
Computer software for brokers
Digital tools for demand forecasting

Analyze digital marketing data to track shifts in consumer behavior, alter annual inventory levels, and make personnel and delivery plans, evaluating enormous amounts of data to predict demand peaks, foresee delays, and receive notifications when sizable orders are ready to arrive at your port.

  • Big data analysis
  • Descriptive and predictive research
  • Integrating CRM and tracking sales pipelines
  • Methods for advanced cognitive computing
Digital tools for demand forecasting
Supply management

Establish your global supply network in accordance with sales forecasting, utilizing cutting-edge supply planning tools to manage manufacturing and production levels with client demand.

  • Analyzing data in real-time
  • Integrating CRM and tracking sales pipelines
  • Scheduling and financial planning
  • Compliance maintenance
Supply management
Inventory management

Improve the precision by using an inventory management system to control supply across all of your buildings, warehouses, and distribution hubs, as every step of your supply network may be tracked and managed with our assistance.

  • Computerized inventory financial management
  • Increased data rates
  • Alerts and inventory warning systems
  • Exact inventory supply reporting
Inventory management
Management for sales and operations

Create a coordinated system for your sales, operations, and financial departments to increase sales and profitability, promote more thoughtful decision-making, prioritize and coordinate company activities, and constantly enhance supply chain operations.

  • Strategies for business resource planning
  • Digitization of intellectual processes
  • Flexible planning and operational capability for various scenarios
  • Resources for quality management
Management for sales and operations

Our Provided Logistics & Supply
Chain Software Development Services

We offer services to businesses all over the world and create specialized logistics software to assist our
clients in drastically enhancing their company’s operations, ensuring customer satisfaction, and
increasing revenues.

How clients worldwide benefit from IoT in sectors ranging from agriculture to the biomedical research

Accellabs worked with an Anglo-German technology company to design
an application that is available from any browser on any device, securing
24/7/365 access to monitored locations from any point on earth

See Case Study
Presenting the most advanced and reliable monitoring system

How Accellabs contributed to the development of a cost-effective, dependable,
and easy-to-install technology specifically created for the cold chain.

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