The most advanced retail execution
system in the world, designed to
address the issues of today's retail

How we worked with Repsly to upgrade the system from Angular 1 to the
latest version of Angular without loss of performance of the product.


A B2B software as a service (SaaS) provider called
Repsly, Inc. offers a retail execution solution that
allows CPG teams to generate data-driven
perspectives and operate as the leading company
in the industry. Field professionals in more than 80
countries from around the world are supported by
this globally recognized retail execution platform.

Location: USA, Croatia
Industry: Retail
Client since: 2019 – ongoing

Implement initiatives that
increase market share and
point-of-sale revenue.


Repsly equips field teams to optimize their contributions to sales through client targeting and data-driven marketing

The main purpose of retail execution is the effective completion of tasks, whether they be new product installations, campaign fulfillment, competitor data collecting, or market share increase.

In the CPG sector, retail execution software is quickly becoming essential as it enables teams to gather and share data from the field more quickly than it’s ever been, empowering them to address implementation shortfalls. It might be difficult to alter new methods and technology for your business. Repsly is aware from years of assisting clients in implementing retail execution tools that the benefits far exceed the challenges of transformation.

Repsly, in contrast to other platforms, combines the best features of point solutions into one system, giving CPG organizations a more intelligent method to apply retail execution tools throughout their workforce. Due to the nature of their company, our client’s customers must have complete faith in the infrastructure and applications they employ every day. The brightest minds concur that for businesses to succeed, partnerships and technology are crucially important.


The most successful retail execution companies are supported by technology that combines data from several sources and mines it for useful, practical insights. The biggest and most significant ROI for CPGs comes from IT investments that enable both the development of ideas from a variety of data sources and the driving of measures based on those findings.

In today’s selling climate, effective retail execution tactics are necessary for success. Platforms must be simple to use and flexible in order to take advantage of market possibilities.

Our client needed new resources to rebuild the whole system under our Architect consulting as they were actively growing their core business. The capacity for shifting and changing directions swiftly may be made by a solid, fundamental, well-integrated tech stack.


The architecture of Repsly was created to safeguard your data in accordance with strict security guidelines

It was a challenging job to meet every technical, financial, and safety criteria, yet our engineers completed the platform on schedule with ease.

Accellabs assisted in the system’s upgrading from Angular 1 to the most recent version of Angular without sacrificing the product’s performance, which is now in use by people all over the world.

The Repsly platform was completely redesigned with information security in mind, as every action we take is motivated by our dedication to data protection. Inside the secure cloud platform, Repsly’s dedicated server houses all features that handle client data. In operational settings, customer data is methodically divided and encrypted both in transit and at rest.

In order to comply with the most recent industry encryption standards and related security recommendations, the encryption algorithms and processes are regularly checked for potential flaws.

The current version of Repsly’s system offers total versatility in terms of performance, design, and configuration.

The results

The retail execution software from REPSLY was created by and for teams who operate in the industry. It combines perceptual, engagement, and sales data from brands into one system, providing CPG field employees with all the tools they need to adopt a more thoughtful plan for merchandising and succeed on the shelf.

With territory-based authorization, simple enrollment, and support for native languages, Repsly provides field professionals with worldwide assistance.

It is simple to link Repsly to the different programs that power your team thanks to established REST-based APIs.


Operational Supervision at the Shelf.

Make sure promotions, product releases, and merchandising plans go as planned despite attempts to impede you from doing so by unreliable retailers or supply chains.

Improve Your Field Team’s Performance.

To maximize the impact each person has in the field, improve scheduling and area coverage. Repsly helps teams work more efficiently by providing data-driven coaching.

Agility in Change Response.

Repsly makes it simple to change your team’s priorities on the go, regardless of whether there is a price assessment, delivery hold-up, or product return.

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