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  • Successfully add new technology and functions to your products with a trusted partner who always protects your security & privacy.
  • Minimize development time without compromising on security, guidelines, or efficiency.
  • Use a security-first strategy to anticipate and resolve problems.
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Security & Privacy Services We Offer

We provide a thorough testing strategy for your software that includes
every aspect of the product and is intended to guarantee that it is
absolutely secure for your data.

Software Security Audits

We review your apps’ and systems’ current status to exploit flaws, evaluate them against well-established competitors, and carry out security testing.

Outage Investigation and Reaction

When a security issue arises, we respond by executing a quick forensic examination of extensive security data throughout the company, containing damage limitations, attack tracking, and remedial advice.

Vulnerability assessment

We can locate the defects that endanger the application and put protective measures in place.

Software testing and quality assurance

To assist you to avoid time-consuming and expensive post-release maintenance, our experts gather meticulous diagnostics on performance, stability, security, and functionality.

Solutions We Provide

Discovering: to increase project effectiveness
Discovering: to increase project effectiveness

We develop a clear idea of your project right from the discovery stage.

  • A swift assessment
  • Determine the exact amount of resources needed
Testing and inspection
Testing and inspection

We will identify and fix weaknesses and non-conformities.

  • Thoroughly analyze the process, product, or system
  • Determine its suitability, processing operations, and any potential deficiencies
Analysis: identifying gaps and appropriate remedies
Analysis: identifying gaps and appropriate remedies

To define your issues and requirements, identify possible dangers, and find extra business prospects, our specialists undertake a thorough investigation.

  • Identify special technological solutions
  • Benefit from cutting-edge developments in the security industry.
Highlight weaknesses and offer tactical advice
Highlight weaknesses and offer tactical advice

Your analytical data will be investigated thoroughly by Accellabs’ security department.

  • Outline the range of services that will strengthen the areas that need it
  • Calculate the necessary resources
  • Develop a thorough action plan
Collaborating with you to put ideas into practice
Collaborating with you to put ideas into practice

We will put new ideas, services, and suggestions into practice in order to keep ahead of risks and boost the effectiveness of your organization.

  • Seamless implementation of new security systems, procedures, and policies.
Maximizing the benefits of your product
Maximizing the benefits of your product

We’ll guarantee that the strategy you employ meets your needs.

  • Regular performance reporting and recommendations
  • Dedicated security service management
Accellabs security services can help you identify dangers and minimize costs.
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What We Do

In order to advise on your present security vulnerabilities, we consider your demands
as well as industry compliance standards, policies, and regulations. We give
recommendations that we may aid with developing, testing, and putting into practice.

Security Testing

We provide you with insight into accumulated weaknesses and configuration issues that might be used in an attack to severely hurt your company. Our experts have the practical experience to help you identify weak points and also solve them accordingly.

  • Security testing for PC, mobile, and the web
  • Vulnerability assessment of the network, platform, and application levels
  • Evaluating for both static and moving security
  • Compliance with established criteria
  • Threat assessment
Security Testing
Security Compliance

You can resolve issues with security compliance monitoring before they grow into larger ones. We pinpoint the main security threats and assist you in making preparations for them.

  • Preparation, and maturity evaluations
  • Audits of security
  • Privacy evaluation
Security Compliance

Our Expertise

Through the use of our expertise, we have assisted customers in Fintech, healthcare,
retail, and other sectors to ensure the security of their products.

Services in Engineering

  • CryptoTech development solutions for the web and mobile
  • Technologies with high performance and quality of service
  • Design and creation of API

Internet of Things

  • Cloud IoT interface
  • Information gathering and analysis


  • Continuous integration and delivery pipeline
  • Automated approach
  • Operational upkeep

Software examination

  • Examine technological complexity and potential dangers in special technology
  • Both automated and manual inspection
  • Final review

Cloud Services

  • Cloud migration and adaptation
  • Design customization

Production Assistance

  • Tracking, managing incidents, and resolving
  • Strategies for versatile ongoing maintenance

Security & Privacy Software Tools
That We Use

In order to sustain processes and carry out your core business strategy, Accellabs’ security services assist you in evaluating the efficiency of your security measures using the best technology tools.

Why Choose Accellabs?

In terms of security, functionality, and compatibility, we design our solutions in accordance with trusted industry standards.
Software development from beginning to end without skipping a single stage.
In order to fulfill the project’s corporate goals, Accellabs certified specialists assist in selecting the optimal tech stack for the specific financial solution.
Accellabs’ professionals use cutting-edge methods and tools in projects to make the latest tech trends meet the demands and goals of our clients’ businesses.
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