The ultimate, premium B2B SaaS company management solution

Accellabs assisted ZING in developing a thorough platform that increased
sales and improved the client management system.


ZING is a one-of-a-kind all-in-one cloud-based
B2B SaaS commerce platform / ERP that
accelerates and connects the company, market
research, user experience, and technological
operations of SMBs into a practical and reasonably
priced solution.

Location: Singapore, Australia
Industry: Retail, Management platform, CRM, Service booking
Client since: 2019-2021

Company assistance in expanding, boosting its income, cutting costs, and competing in the digital era.


The Business Management Software that organizes and administers your company.

Quite many different hardware resources are used by small businesses to execute their operations. Since having an online presence is crucial for success, it takes a lot of elements to start and operate a business professionally.

The “frontend” that the clients can view is the company’s website. That’s where you advertise your brand, your services, your activities, and/or your commodities.

The “backend” that your consumers are unable to view is ZING. This is the technology that organizes and controls your whole business. ZING is in charge of overseeing every aspect of your company’s operations in the background, including your CRM, promotional campaigns, stock control, personnel, schedule of events, promotional codes, website builder, and much more.


Ineffective distribution methods, limited ordering options, and human-factor problems were among the key issues that ZING wanted to avoid. Additionally, the B2B market needed to be adaptable enough to meet the demands of various customers of ZING.

The client requested time-saving automation technologies to keep your company organized and functioning efficiently, complete online comfort, including online booking, rescheduling, and flexible payment choices.


Establish, operate, and expand your company profitably and successfully.

ZING discovered a team at Accellabs that was knowledgeable about their industry and prepared to meet their strict deadlines while implementing a maximum marketable product. The ideal market architecture was described by our analysts and software architects, who also improved the functional specifications and created a comprehensive product vision and development plan.

Accellabs put all efforts to create the all-in-one, cost-effective B2B SaaS company management software that aids SMBs in operating, managing, and expanding their companies.

Online bookings, scheduling, and various payment methods are all available for customers’ complete online ease.

With ZING, you just need to learn how to use 1 set of SaaS software (nothing to download). 1 program that is simple to use for SMBs online, offline, and just about everywhere in between. Also, you just need 1 user interface to master, and 1 help center and skill set to assist you. Customers may instantly book their services and make purchases through the company’s online storefront.

Bookings, personnel listings, stock control, CRM, email campaigns, and more now all lead back to ZING’s central hub.

In order to present only the most up-to-date information and ongoing offers, the policy enables frequent synchronization. The platform also satisfies all security and performance standards and is scalable to handle the rapid increase in user numbers.

The results

Software for managing all aspects of a business at once.

  • ZING’s innovative automation technologies eliminate administrative hassles from operations and allow you more time for enjoyable activities.
  • ZING provides you with all the resources you need to launch your company and generate more income.
  • You may better serve and satisfy your clients by understanding their needs owing to ZING’s thorough client management system.
  • ZING is a comprehensive and powerful platform that makes technology seamless and simple to use.


Designers are able to build a spectacular website with the aid of modern web design services.

The time-saving automatic solutions keep your business running efficiently and organized, while ZING tackles the administration operations allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

ZING provides the resources to help you attract new customers and keep old ones coming back, including eCommerce, marketing tools, email campaigns, loyalty programs, gift cards, memberships, and more.

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