How clients worldwide benefit from IoT in sectors ranging from agriculture to the biomedical research

Accellabs worked with an Anglo-German technology company to design
an application that is available from any browser on any device, securing
24/7/365 access to monitored locations from any point on earth


KoolZone is a temperature monitoring device for
cooling equipment. By using wireless and wired
sensors placed in refrigerators, freezers, or on
beer-barrels, KoolZone automates and simplifies
the process of capturing, storing, analyzing, and
reporting on real-time temperature measurements.

Location: UK
Industry: Industrial IoT
Client since: 2016+ ongoing

Remotely monitor your assets
within a few minutes.

Automated email, SMS or
phone alerts trigger


KoolZone incorporates IoT technology to improve monitoring operations

It goes without saying that whether you own or run a hotel, restaurant, club, bar, café, or any other type of hospitality company, you want to leave a lasting impression on your customers. It unquestionably requires a lot of time, money, and work. Maintaining food and commodities securely and at the proper temperature is the hospitality and grocery sales sectors’ most important challenge. In order to make monitoring more affordable, flexible, and less disruptive, KoolZone developed a monitoring-as-a-service solution. People may continue with their workdays while KoolZone operates in the background.

Wireless, cloud-based remote monitoring systems from KoolZone are utilized in industries like agriculture, food service, healthcare, life sciences, and supply chains all around the world. KoolZone’s cutting-edge technologies keep an eye on a number of crucial control points, including CO2 as well as temperature, pressure, contact, humidity, power, and other variables.

The client was looking for a way to create an application that would automatically gather data from sensors installed in freezers, refrigerators, or on beer barrels and transfer it to the app. They intended to create a simple temperature monitoring system, in which data flow must be received and incorporated into a user-friendly system with warnings, reports, and audit trails.


An application that allows access to all equipment data from a single control panel

For the client, the Accellabs team has discovered an intelligent monitoring solution. This application is a prime illustration of the Internet of Things.

As KoolZone hardwired equipment was swapped with sensors that function right out of the box using IoT (Internet of Things) technology, the new application allowed every user to keep tracking the data right away without needing any training or assistance from IT or engineers.

The software enables automated data delivery that is safe and secure. Using this software, you can simply keep an eye on the temperature of your cooling equipment.

In the KoolZone application, you always have access to your temperature data as well as thorough records and analysis. In the event that the temperature exceeds the pre-defined range, our team has made it possible to get an SMS and/or Email notification within seconds. As there is a wide selection of IoT monitoring sensors that use the most advanced wireless communication technology – KoolZone guarantees absolute stability. Automated email, SMS, and phone notifications start when predetermined limits and escalation protocols are met.

Both regular and customized PDFs may be generated using sophisticated monitoring technology, and they can be distributed through email. Algorithms for machine learning measure, watch, analyze, and warn about processes. In order to do preventive maintenance, the data are used to find abnormalities.

The application has a user-friendly UI that is easy to use. Within a few minutes, you may remotely monitor your assets. The Monitoring-as-a-Service platform offers built-in security features and resilience as well as a 99.9% reliability rate.

They’re doing an extremely good job. Their knowledge is excellent, and their strategic input is really good. We’ve never changed from them. They’re part of the company for all intents and purposes.

Steve Miller,
CEO of KoolZone

The results

KoolZone has improved the delivery of monitoring services, supporting clients globally

The Accellabs team digitalized the process of obtaining the information from the cool equipment, eliminating the requirement for a system that is primarily reliant on paper. The client may from now on quickly check the cooling equipment’s temperature using the application, examining the temperature from last week or last month by using the app, which can systematize, synchronize, and record data from sensors. With the use of the developed application, KoolZone can always obtain the information required for profitability analysis, stock control, and logistical optimization.

KoolZone was able to expand its clientele and scope of operation due to the delivered software, now offering maintenance that complies with industry standards and is used to store drugs, vaccines, biological tissues, and lab materials safely. It’s also used to support global supply chains in the fields of agriculture, food and beverage, healthcare, and life sciences which all employ wireless, digital remote monitoring technologies.

What KoolZone can do for your business

    Notifications and alarms that warn you about occurrences and hazards help you avoid wasting products and samples.
    Operational expenses are decreased via automated procedures and business insights.
    The utilization of prior trends and patterns for forecast and mitigation of the equipment issues.
    Reduced energy costs and environmental effects result from efficient electricity use.

Where KoolZone is utilized

Almost any platform may be added to the KoolZone monitoring system.

    Monitoring that complies with industry standards is used to store drugs, vaccines, human tissue, and lab materials safely. Liquid nitrogen tanks, ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers, and incubators all have their temperatures monitored.
    In each food environment, each sector provides monitoring reports that are compliant with HACCP. The operation of temperature sensors from within refrigerators, freezers, and even walk-in refrigerators is assured.
    The electrical supply to the refrigeration systems on automobiles may also be watched by KoolZone. Geo-location services and real-time temperature and humidity monitoring are also available for vehicles to make sure temperature-sensitive assets reach their destination securely.
    Keep an eye on the critical IAQ indicators of temperature, humidity, and CO2 level and recognize the circumstances of inhabited areas, such as the degree of comfort and the availability of fresh air.
    Through KoolZone, you can control how vaccines are stored and distributed across the world. Through the SMS, phone, and email alert services offered by KoolZone, notify important stakeholders of any issues. 24/7 monitoring will lessen logistical complications.


Features 1

EASY AND EFFICIENT. Koolzone enables the easy temperature monitoring of your cooling equipment providing you with real-time data.

Features 2

PEACE OF MIND. You can have peace-of-mind that you will be instantly notified of any temperature fluctuations in your Fridge/Freezer or Beer Barrels so that you can take action to save your goods.

Features 3

AVOID WASTAGE. Making sure your goods are always stored at the right temperature will save you time and money and more importantly keep your customers happy!

Features 4

ENERGY SAVINGS. Koolzone will help you to improve the temperature settings of your cooling equipment and therefore contribute to reducing your energy bills.

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