The product which is supposed to
change cardiology in the USA

Accellabs assisted Steth IO in implementing constant, remote, adjustable
patient care to any mobile device.


Steth IO, a company founded in 2015, is committed
to creating the technology that will move medicine
into the new digital world with the main goal –
Saving Lives.

Location: USA
Industry: Healthcare, Telemedicine, Insurance tech
Client since: 2016-2019

The product was named one
of the top 101 most creative
machine learning businesses
in Washington


The Steth IO stethoscope system provides next-generation capabilities for healthcare

One of the major factors tha contribute to a lot of fatalities issues globally is heart disease. Nearly 25% of Americans are affected by cardiac ailments. Every year, around 53% of people experience an asthma episode. Preventing further increases in these figures requires early diagnosis.

The strictly asynchronous telemedicine features, in which patient data is forwarded for a doctor to review fairly late, or the audio-only phone calls, in which doctors are unable to observe the patient through the addition of live video, are flaws in the current healthcare system that contribute to patient-clinician mistrust.

Our client believes that a video call shouldn’t be the limit of telemedicine. Extending clinical practice outside of the confines of the hospital will enable a new type of approach and improve the effectiveness of patient treatment as a whole.

The Steth IO, a brand-new medical device invented by Suman Mulumudi, has the potential to completely transform the stethoscope industry.

In order to effectively improve the quality of healthcare as we push past the pandemic and towards a medical system that is more centered on value-based care practices, we must continue to improve our telehealth capabilities. Medical devices like Steth IO will play an important role in this effort.


Telemedicine as it exists now has constrained capabilities because it lacks the accurate clinical assessment required for widespread adoption.

The idea was to offer real-time remote exams for a more thorough patient evaluation with the ease of a telemedicine platform, enabling doctors with clinically significant data. The client needed a mobile app that could be used as a stethoscope as well as a digital heart monitor that can recognize heartbeat and lung sounds and then display the audio signal, aiming to close evaluation gaps caused by conventional telemedicine platforms.


Incorporating real telemedicine for patients at home, the smartphone stethoscope enables real-time examination and monitoring

Our team has created an app that creates a diaphragm that sends the sound of a beating heart or lungs to the phone’s microphone in order to achieve the client’s demand. The mobile phone may then be used to store, watch, or send these enlarged sounds. The diaphragm purifies the noises, which are generated in both auditory and visual feedback. The developed application includes real-time cardiopulmonary assessment with live cloud-based interaction.

The Steth IO application, in contrast to other telehealth systems, enhances traditional audio-visual eHealth capabilities. The advanced telemedicine features, such as live heart and lung sound assessment, provide remote participant experiences comparable to in-person visits.

The same solution is now used for broader telemedicine capabilities from Steth IO. The provided technology was created to streamline the collection of clinical trial data by capturing and archiving patient records for future retrieval.

The availability of high-quality telemedicine to the general population and the promotion of telemedicine expansion is ensured by solutions like Steth IO. As a result, the gadgets turn into crucial medical supplies that must be maintained at home, much to how many homes keep a thermometer in their medicine cabinet. Additionally, unlike prescription drugs, linked gadgets do not expire, making them indispensable tools for years to come.


Extending clinical practice outside of the walls of the hospital will improve the effectiveness of patient treatment.

For decades, US healthcare prices have been rising steadily. In As a consequence of this, one in five Americans avoids getting the necessary medical treatment or has avoided getting it altogether, necessitating the need for cost intervention. It has been shown that audio-visual consultations result in average short-term cost avoidances of $19–121 each visit, as well as higher long-term savings due to patients avoiding the needless use of emergency and inpatient facilities, readmissions, and other services.

Who uses

    Physicians who want to manage patient care in a clinically responsible manner while receiving payment for their services face particular difficulties when they provide both telemedicine and remote patient monitoring. Steth IO offers real-time remote exams for a more thorough patient evaluation with the ease of a telemedicine platform, enabling doctors with clinically significant data. As the examination procedure is consolidated into one platform, this results in less administrative work, 0 additional logins, and there are no duplicate patient records.
    The technology is created to streamline the collection of clinical trial data by capturing and archiving patient records for future reference and customizing patient-provider communication to adhere to the trial protocol’s established cadences. As a result, clinical studies may be conducted outside of their typical geographic scope enabling a larger audience to participate.
    Steth IO gives skilled nursing, post-acute care, and care institutions access to cutting-edge telemedicine and remote patient monitoring technologies that enhance the standard of care. Steth IO helps care teams uphold a high quality of post-acute care by permitting thorough patient evaluations, which eliminates the need for physicians to travel to and from the institution.
    Steth IO enables telemedicine clinicians to deliver a more improved accuracy and a smoother exam experience that is clinically equivalent to an in-person visit due to these enhanced telemedicine capabilities. To make adaptation, deployment, and end-user experience simpler, both telemedicine and RPM features are integrated into the same platform.


Features 1

Steth IO’s app decomposes sounds into their frequency components constructing a spectrogram.

Features 2

Utilizing precisely tuned digital filters, it enhances frequencies of interest and attenuates ambient noise.

Features 3

Audio playback is synchronized to the visualization for a confident diagnosis.

Features 4

Using Steth IO’s annotation tool, you can add notes to precise points in your exams for review, and flag sections of interest for rapid retrieval.

Features 5

Securely save and organize exams using the Steth IO app for future review, bringing the stethoscope into the digital age. You can look back at a patient’s history for serial comparisons and assess disease progression.

Features 6

An app helps to diagnose and track asthma’s progression.

Features 7

New app may help the cardiac patient to control the rhythm of the heart more conveniently and faster.

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