Companies are now using new technologies and solutions to compete with traditional financial institutions for the hearts and funds of customers. In order to maximize profits and satisfy clients, businesses that are only beginning to explore fintech products will need to accelerate the implementation and in order to do so, this will call for professionals who can develop, implement, and bring new ideas to the table.

Accellabs helps financial institutions deploy digital technologies so they can provide the finest customer service while cutting costs. Among our clients are Universal Bank, UkrCard, Tranzzo and more.

Here are some examples of the provided services:
📲Mobile Banking;
💸Payments Processing;
💰 Payment Wallets;
💳 Core Banking Integrations.

Among our achievements:
✅Managed to re-engineer Wallets & Payments processing time from 24 hours to 5 minutes.
✅Smoother transition or exchange trading core from monolith to a microservices architecture that allows increasing user number support by the system x100 with absolute downtime cut.
✅Algorithmic Bots platform delivery that allows supporting x3 b2b clients by MM department with the same number of FTEs, better accuracy, and quality.
✅End-to-end white label mobile banking platform design and delivery.
✅The single cross-platform code base for support future cost optimization.

Fintech is appealing because it enables users to swiftly and easily address their demands and issues. Fintech is the future as it makes life easier for everyone. And you can be prepared for this future with Accellabs. Do not hesitate to upgrade your banking services!