Our lives have long been impacted by the Internet, computer technology, online payments, online shopping, and even network communication. However, there is a large field for the actions of con artists and swindlers when ignorant, uninformed, and inattentive individuals remain.

Advice to go by:

– avoid making prepayments while shopping online;

– place purchases on reputable sites;

– avoid entering bank card information on unreliable websites;

– access websites that use the secure “https://” protocol when making payments online;

– link your SMS-banking account to keep track of all your financial transactions;

– use antivirus software to routinely check computers, cellphones, and other electronic devices for viruses.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that Wi-Fi makes it possible to access any device and exploit data for illegal activities. For security reasons, avoid visiting online banking or other sites that require a login and password when using a Wi-Fi hotspot that offers free access.

These simple guidelines help safeguard your data and avert the serious repercussions of cybersecurity crimes.