ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), another product developed by OpenAI that explores the use of artificial intelligence in various fields has gained a significant popularity and functionality. As a result, it is not surprising that that cybersecurity experts see it as a threat.

In a study conducted by CheckPoint on cyber dangers associated with ChatGPT, Forbes pointed out a few examples of how hackers can really exploit the application:

❗️ On one of the darknet forums, a hacker presented an Android app, the code of which was created by this chatbot. The relevant files were stolen, compressed, and sent to the correct address.

❗️ Another member on the same site published Python code that can encrypt data and was produced using an OpenAI program.

❗️ There is an example of developing features for darknet markets using ChatGPT.

❗️ Love scammers are also starting to utilize ChatGPT. They seek to develop chatbots that will communicate with potential victims, pretending to be female. Moreover, they intend to use it to automate a casual conversations.

📲 Scientists, cybersecurity specialists, and AI experts are warning that ChatGPT may be used to stir up conflict and spread propaganda on social media. The number of fake social media accounts is already a major problem, and with the evolution of AI chatbots this issue will only get worse.

Networks should be able to spot fraudulent material, but right now they’re falling short. The expense of monitoring every single post is the reason behind this lack of action.

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