Fully automated accountancy for your estate

How Accellabs assisted Vermietet.De in the development and implementation of the ultimate solution for individual landlords and property management companies to manage rentals and tenants simply and responsibly.


A company called Vermietet.De was founded in Berlin with one common goal: to simplify and enhance the process of home purchasing in order to initiate the transition of the real estate sector into the digital era.

Location: Germany
Industry: Property & Facility Management
Client since: 2015-2016

With Vermietet.De, it’s simple to keep track of market prices, organize reconstruction, handle your accounts, and supervise your renters


An uprising in property management is imminent

Several issues might occur when operating real estate. Vermietet.De has therefore made it their mission to streamline and enhance real estate management throughout time. It can only be accomplished by fusing innovative thoughts, exceptional brand design, and technological expertise. Vermietet.De integrates the expertise of the platform’s landlords with the knowledge of professionals, providing a setting where people may share thoughts and experiences and enrich them.


The client wanted to create a platform that would combine comprehensive expertise in technology and commerce to assist customers in managing their properties fast and online; the product would significantly simplify the complexities of property ownership.

The goal was to build a sophisticated system that would include maintenance of property-related data, paperwork, funds management, scheduling all operations linked to properties, and receiving round-the-clock emergency support.


Learn about various features that will streamline, simplify, and accelerate the daily activities which you, the landlord had to perform

The Accellabs team has helped to create a clever solution that will revolutionize property management and save all pertinent data safely in one digital location.

Three full-stack JavaScript engineers from Accellabs joined a global development team for this project, along with a designated Project Manager. Every day they provided the Project Manager with a direct report and gave all project updates.

The project has been in the hands of Accellabs engineers since the beginning. The platform quickly established itself as a cutting-edge offering on the German market.

Whether you are managing a condo or an apartment complex, our developed features will make it easy and efficient for you to handle all of your landlord duties. With its software, Vermietet.De provides a specialized solution to all landlords who wish to advance their property administration.

With the strictest security measures in place, we assist you in processing a lot of highly confidential information. Additionally, Vermietet.De safeguards your data using the most recent encryption technology.


Minimal work. Complete disclosure. More results.

·  Easy and effective property management by keeping all of your property’s data and digital archive of vital papers and images in one location.

·  Enhance contact with your renters and better property management by making a lease paperwork verification that runs automatically.

·  Complete your accounting quickly: automatically track charges, both one-time and ongoing, and generate an auxiliary expense report immediately.

·  Establish the property’s current marketplace worth and calculate the equity and asset returns.

·  Handle the upkeep of your properties in an effective and environmentally friendly way: digitally track and store proposals, invoices, and notifications for tasks and appointments.·  Manage all aspects of renting from a single platform: identify the renting rate and create a leasing agreement that is reliable legally.


All info in one place

All your properties can be viewed and managed online. All property-related documents, financial information, and communication are handled in the same system. The portal is easy to use, as well as customer support is available 24/7.


We only use secure connections (TLS / SSL) to transfer your data. This process ensures that your sensitive data such as passwords and account information, cannot be reached by unauthorized persons. We do not pass on your data to third parties for advertising purposes but store it encrypted in a modern data center in Germany.

Full control over income/expenditure

The system enables landlords to keep track of all incoming costs from tenants, calculate utility cost, create credit and advance payment history, as well as automatically generates tax cost at the end of the year.

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