With the aid of our crypto technology, exchange cryptocurrency in a secure and efficient approach.

Accellabs worked with P2B to create an efficient, safe, and user-friendly platform for exchanging,
purchasing, and selling different cryptocurrencies.


In terms of the diversity of tokens, P2B is the top
centralized cryptocurrency exchange. Its Crypto
Startup Partner program offers trading guidance
and aids in the expansion of its companies’
communities, liquidity, and growth plans. P2B
offers a trustworthy and rapidly expanding trade
platform that is practical for both individuals
and businesses.

Location: Estonia
Industry: Crypto trading, financial services
Client since: 2021 – ongoing

P2B launched over 1,000
crypto projects due to its
go-to-market rocket status.


Establishment of a thriving, safe environment for all cryptocurrency traders

All cryptocurrency enthusiasts require a secure “place-to-be”, a user-friendly platform for crypto revelations that would welcome them even if all other doors were shut. Any marketplace must continue to be lucrative and appealing for its users—both traders and businesses that list there. P2B’s primary goal is to make it easier for traders and project participants to enter the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, the implementation of new crypto technology was required.


Crypto Exchange P2B has faced growth challenges. A rapidly expanding client base had led to frequent outages, which had a negative impact on the company’s performance. The internal Market Making department was unable to provide adequate quality support for the fast B2B company expansion.

The challenge was in evaluating algorithms and automating the process of the crypto platform while maintaining operational and business standards. The crypto exchange must be able to process hundreds of transactions per second and allow for simple functional development.


The project was developed by the Accellabs team. All business analysis and development were done by us as a qualified vendor.

In an area of work that was previously done manually, the team created techniques for the work of algorithms, which eliminated the human element and inaccuracies. The team has developed algorithms that integrate all potential outcomes, that report on configuration and analytics. This helped the platform’s internal operations as well as its user-customer communication to improve. We have implemented the components required to offer a consistent liquidity level and a smooth transfer of funds between key market participants.

Accellabs CryptoTech offered broad coverage and a range of technological solutions, assuring the quality and efficiency of the P2B platform.

The results

Through the use of technologies and CryptoTech software solutions, we were able to maximize project time and cut costs while improving product use.

  • Re-engineering of wallet and payment processing, from 24 hours to 5 minutes.
  • The Market Making department was able to handle three B2B clients using an algorithmic bots platform while using the same number of FTEs and producing greater accuracy and quality.


Automated workflow

All procedures are brought up to the greatest field standards, and human error is completely ruled out.

Easy and effective management

Thanks to the user-friendly, step-by-step UI, no technical expertise is required.

Comprehensive reporting

All processes are under constant automated monitoring, which allows the timely prevention of possible errors.

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