Introducing the first-ever software for managing projectors, customizing content, and mapping projections over the web

Accellabs assisted Display Mapper in establishing software that revolutionized the definition of projector’s capabilities.


Display Mapper is an easy-to-use 3D projection mapping and content management solution. The digital platform enables any company to develop cutting-edge projection mapping displays that wrap around items and in-store areas.

Location: UK
Industry: Retail
Client since: 2016

Make ground-breaking advertising strategies that breathe life into products and displays in retail


Making content is never cheap and easy

High cost and maintenance of permanent projection installations? DisplayMapper was created to address these issues. Control room screens are no longer used. There are no more heavy racks. The same thing that digital advertising accomplished for displays, DisplayMapper delivers for projectors.


The challenge was to develop software that enables the construction of daylight-visible projections with 3D mapping in order to present objects in a more eye-catching and entertaining manner while still upholding the high requirements of the client.


The project was developed from scratch by the Accellabs team.

Accellabs put together a special team for this project with a project lead, two software engineers, and a quality assurance engineer. The project team leader internally coordinated the day-to-day organizational processes while the Accellabs team communicated directly to the Product Owner of the Display Mapper product.

This program arose as a way to simplify the art of projection mapping. This accessible and cost-effective technological tool is appropriate for artists, programmers, advertisers, and event planners and enables businesses to bring things to life through captivating projection mapping displays. Simple site addition will allow you to launch your campaign in hundreds of retailers. Control specific sites or groups, publish content, and arrange projector on/off times–all from one location, no matter where you are.

Within six months of the project’s start date, the first iteration of the product was made available. After three releases in nine months, the finished product was revealed.

The project is still receiving our support.


1. After installing DisplayMapper on any Android, connect a projector.

2. Connect to DisplayMapper online.

3. Utilize the user-friendly software to begin importing and organizing content in a matter of minutes.

DisplayMapper is the ideal support tool for the quickly changing laser projector market since it eliminates the requirement for bulb changes and reduces the need for repair.


Any projector can have a dynamic video mapping superpower with DisplayMapper

·  It is possible to save a lot of money on labor, signal delivery, and equipment by placing an inexpensive player next to the device.

·  With the help of the USB camera, customers may use DisplayMapper to map material from wherever they are.

·  The capacity to produce eye-catching displays that are overlaid into or around any structure, model, object, or surface.·  Consumers of DisplayMapper may deploy 3D video material across numerous places, maximizing their investment.


Remote Control

You can schedule projector activity, as well as watch and map remotely using a USB webcam.

Ranging from major promotions to iconic shops

You may quickly launch your campaign across hundreds of retailers and add additional sites.

Set-up in minutes

No technical knowledge is necessary courtesy of the user-friendly, step-by-step UI.

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