All businesses, including retail, have experienced technical advancements as a result of the pandemic. Since 2020, the Internet has replaced traditional storefronts as the primary platform for merchants. The variety of tasks for which IT is required is very broad; some retailers are growing their businesses (for instance, by improving logistics and entering new markets), others are automating internal processes to increase efficiency, while others focus on customer loyalty and audience engagement.

A basic description of RetailTech is difficult to provide because it encompasses so many distinct technologies. In other words, these technologies enable retail to address the issues that were previously mentioned. While some businesses employ generic, widely-used technology, others develop wholly original, quality products.

We at Accellabs carry out a variety of services for our retail clients, such as:
➡️Development of Merchandising Management Platform
➡️Full Cycle of Merchandising from the field to CMO
➡️Data Analytics Platform

One way to improve service levels is to automate work. For controlling sales, delivery, and feedback accumulation, there are fast and easy systems and techniques that may be applied in a complex or only in some areas.