The Internet of Things includes more than just useful appliances like a refrigerator that can order its owner’s favorite meal or a kettle that can heat water on demand using a smartphone. These include intelligent sensors in the fields, drones with cameras that allow for remote soil condition monitoring, sensors in public transportation, and integrated systems for keeping tabs on city life. In other words, the environment we live in will resemble the Internet of Things just in a few years.

Accellabs strives to positively influence global development, which is why we closely collaborate with government agencies on Industrial IoT products. IoT enables cost savings in equipment maintenance since sensors gather data on its state so that upkeep and repairs are done only when necessary.

Among Accellabs’ recent results are Real-Time IoT Monitoring Solutions for:
🏘Real Estate
🏥Health Care
⛽️Oil & Gas

💉 During the peak of the COVID outbreak Accellabs’ engineers have developed the temperature monitoring for the Pfizer Vaccine Logistic.

Industrial IoT is big data that devices are now generating. Data that may (and ought to be) gathered, examined, and then used to enhance comfort or guide enterprise choices.

IoT helps save lives and the Accellabs’ team stands behind it!