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To replace existing legacy systems optimizing business processes, development and integration of a unique warehouse management platform unrivalled in the way it fits different B2B and B2C company customers’ needs, integrating with all popular sale channels and shopping carts.   



Working with the client, Accellabs's team completed the following phases:

-       Business processes development

-       Platform Architecture design

-       Developing a full-fledged mature platform ready to function in a business cycle as proved by functional and stress testing

-       Integrations (vendors consolidation, partners  integrations)

-       Migrations (customers data from existing systems to new platform)



The partnership has resulted in continuous ongoing collaboration in platform development, as well as other satellite products that bring demonstrated value to the core product and new useful services for the customers and end-users.

The collaborative team successfully completed the project on time and on budget, and achieved the following:

-       Substantial operational and maintenance  cost reduction

-       Fully scalable platform

-       Significant improvement of the business processes, and company customer’s experience

-       Continuous integration process

Enhanced maintenance and security

Service - Web Development
Duration - 5 months
Team - 2 people



Inventory: book in customer’s inventory, count, photograph, weigh and measure each item, providing live stock inventory level.
Dispatch: route the parcel depending on the size, weight, destination and delivery speed in the most cost effective way.
Picking orders: each item is barcode scanned into the picking bins to provide the first check on accuracy.
Tracking: full tracking and visibility is provided at every stage of the process from order receipt, picking and packing to courier proof of delivery.
Packing Order: each item is scanned into the box, the weight recorded and a video is taken – this video can be played back.
Integrations: ChannelAdvisor, Shopify, Brightpearl, Magento, Zendesk, NetDespatch, B2CEurope.

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