We were approached by a world famous brand Terrafood to develop an interactive presentation for one of the biggest trade shows in United Arab Emirates. This was required to be delivered in very short timescales.



Terrafood presented their product in an interactive way. Each attendee had a chance to use IPads with the running application to engage with the business via the intuitive and responsive presentation provided. Our team was responsible for UI creation and full cycle of development. 



A new fresh way of marketing a product that helps engage with your customers without the need to print materials in a traditional way.
Animated catalogue.
User friendly product information and effects to provide necessary information as well as make it fun for the customer to learn about the business.



Terrafood’s stand really stood out in the trade show and made them the centerpiece of the exhibition. This approach has been picked up by a lot of the participants and will potentially become the new way of presenting your products at trade shows not only in the UAE but elsewhere as well.

Service - Mobile Development
Duration - 4 months
Team - 3 people
Download AppStore: TERRAFOOD

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