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To create a service that would dramatically reduce workload of the labor union office staff by letting them easily manage the higher volume of applications and data by making union software as customizable and as responsive to the needs of the customers’ organization as possible.



Accellabs’s team has helped to develop the US labor union system aimed to reduce paperwork by utilizing cloud based computing allowing its users to securely input and upload information instantaneously from anywhere. All you need is a web browser to use this labor union software.



Accellabs Development team has built a system providing labor unions of the United States with the most efficient and secure way to administer their Members, Staff, Contractors, and Representatives all under one roof. The Union Impact system enables its users to provide payment operations with just a few clicks. Therefore, the system helps to save much time, reduce paperwork and easily upgrade your organization’s union.

Service - Web Development
Duration - 13 months
Team - 7 people



The ability to control access, create users, define roles, and manage permissions.
The ability to be in total control of what features are essential to your specific organization.
Online banking system service available on laptops and mobile phones in order to give the users an opportunity to achieve much higher mobility working from any device, anywhere.
Cutting costs, increasing the team members’ productivity by saving time.
Administering your Members, Staff, Contractors, and Representatives all under one roof.
Easily adding more features to your customized framework.

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