Frontend React Engineer

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We are looking for a great JavaScript developer who is proficient with React.js. to join our Accellabs team. As a developer, you will be tasked with creating custom high-performance, and scalable solutions.

What is the product about

The project you will work on is a US modern auto dealership platform. Vehicle leasing is in demand. It’s a trend that’s growing. Help us to create the best service for our customers.

Used technologies:

  • React, Redux, Relay, Next.js, Flow, Typescript, Styled-components, Storybook
  • Babel, Webpack, Gulp
  • GraphQL, Node.js
  • Cypress E2E testing and Jest with React Testing Library (unit testing)
  • GCP, AWS, Kubernetes
  • Jira, Slack

What you will do:

  • Build new software front end for advanced user experience.
  • Build reusable components/modules for static websites with responsive design.
  • Work with API endpoints for dynamic content updating.
  • Ensure UI/UX of developed pages and software with near pixel-perfect design.
  • Develop and optimize front-end UI to ensure the application is rendered consistently in cross-browser environments.
  • Cooperate to connect front-end software development with the expert back-end team. 
  • Use APIs with thousands of requests per minute
  • Optimize the frontend SEO performance for search engines
  • Improve scalability and performance of the frontend
  • Contribute and improve our open-source React component library

We expect from you:

  • 3+ years of experience with JavaScript (frontend and backend)
  • 2+ years of practical experience with React framework
  • Strong understanding of how the web works: HTML5, CSS3, DOM, browser APIs
  • Experience with Git (Gitlab, Github)
  • Ability to work with remote teams and understand users’ needs
  • A mindset to solve problems, not tasks
  • Strong testing skills
  • Big plus: server-side rendering and infrastructure knowledge
  • Big plus: previous experience with SEO and best practices

We offer:

  • Amazing opportunities for professional growth within a top-notch team of professionals
  • Full remote
  • Co-working compensation
  • Flexible working hours
  • No overtime — healthy work-life balance
  • No rush — we thoroughly plan our work
  • Full accounting and legal support for private entrepreneurs

Recruitment steps for this position:

  1. Briefly HR Screening with our Talent Team Partner (30 mins)
  2. Tech Screening with our Sales Office Builder (30 mins)
  3. Offer discussion: financials, conditions, work processes (20 mins)
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