The idea of creating this financial model is to secure any transaction, from huge transactions to the smallest remittances, as much as possible. But at the same time to make all economic operations more visible, easily accessible and transparent.
Transactions, securities, checks on the transfer of large sums of money - all this is the most important information when protecting assets, restoring borders and power by organizations, to identify the person who ever used this system. But most importantly, all this is an integral part of any economic, political and legal systems.
In addition to this level, the action of the blockchain extends to economic relations between countries, cities, states, any major transaction is much safer, passes through these systems more quickly and quietly.
We are an experienced blockchain development company combined with a deep understanding of AI, IoT, and cloud services. We build distributed ledger applications faster and risk-free.
Accellabs will help you find the best solution working for you and develop the blockchain application on your terms.
Accellabs’ blockchain development team will build and configure your network’s infrastructure, whether you like a template based on a certain platform already, or something individualized.
  • Financial sphere. The blockchain helped the founders of the crypto bank to attract additional investments through the ICO. In addition, all document circulation of the financial structure will be conducted on the blockchain. Banking transactions are another operation where blockage is used.
  • Medical sphere. Medicine is one of the areas where data storage and processing is one of the key factors. A lot depends on how quickly doctors will receive the results of a survey or a medical history, health, and even life of the patient.
  • Jurisprudence and law. Each user can create a full-fledged legal basis for their business, starting with a contract for the purchase of a mobile phone through the Internet, and ending with the registration of their own business with access to the ICO, the launch of an internal crypto currency and other opportunities.
  • Real estate. Tokenization of property rights to knowledge and land plots increases the liquidity of assets several times and enables even small investors to conclude deals.
  • Power engineering. Monitoring of energy resources at various points (stations and stations), as well as in whole regions, allows to optimize supplies. By using "smart" sensors in pipelines and storage facilities, control can be improved and the risk of theft reduced.
  • IoT. Industrial production, agriculture, extractive industry

You will get:

fast and risk-free development, testing, and deployment of distributed ledger applications
high-quality customized solutions
interactive and engaging approach to blockchain development services and programming
ability to attract more investments through the ICO (for crypto bank founders)
safe, quick and quiet transactions