Working discipline in the Covid-19 Times

A startup was launched in Japan. The service debits money from the card if the user has not done something or is late. For example, if the user overslept, did not leave on time, etc.

With the boom in remote work, discipline and routine became very important. On the contrary, some of the people mobilized, but it is worth saying that the other part gives up slack, gives up in terms of the working pace, and then it is very difficult for them to pull themselves together.

Improving personal performance has always been an important issue. In childhood, parents helped, in adulthood, most often a leader.

Locus of control — a person’s tendency to attribute success or failure in his life to external circumstances (external locus) or his own abilities (internal locus).

The term was proposed in 1954 by the American psychologist Julian Rotter, later the so-called “Rotter questionnaire” was created, which allows you to determine the locus of control.

A simple example of a locus of control is that you passed an exam and received a poor grade. An external (a person with an external locus of control) will describe this situation as the result of circumstances over which he could not influence. For example, you were very busy with work, you were constantly distracted, etc. The International (a person with an internal locus of control) will explain it differently: he is not interested in the subject, so he purposefully spent little time to prepare. It may be that the person was also distracted, but his level of responsibility does not allow him to find those to blame, except himself.

To put it simply, these are even 2 different life positions.

At the same time, everything goes online. So there are various “online carrots”. In fact, everything is based on a “bet” with “someone” on “something.”

Interesting examples:

https://interesting — press the “later” or “skip” button on the alarm clock, and a certain amount of money immediately goes from your card to charity — problems with sports? Subscribe to the service, and your coach regularly receives a summary of your activity. And accordingly, takes action when necessary — motivation in action. Set yourself a goal and a clear deadline. If you fail, the money will be debited from the card. — is it hard to concentrate on work? register on the site, turn on the camera, start working. Someone from another part of the planet will also connect, and will see that you actually work.71 — employee performance monitoring service.