William Mougayar about Banks cheating and Bitcoin impact

The advisor, Investor, Blogger, Mentor to Tech Entrepreneurs and Founders on Strategy, Marketing and Growth, Author of the The Business Blockchain (Wiley, May 2016) visited Oslo Blockchain Day.

William Mougayar told us that the banks cheated on us and keep doing it since they are trying to take ownership of the blockchain technology in order to get more advantage.

They say that today Blockchain & CryptŠ¾currencies are considered to be the most disturbing and troublesome technologies.

William told about how and when he got involved in this world.

Well, back in 2001, after the dotcom crash, peer to peer technology emerged as a new way of sharing information. Most of the files shared was of course music, with companies such as Napster emerging and leading the way. I was running a website called PeerIntelligence, following and tracking peer to peer technology. As we all know now, that didn’t really lead to anything, and it took more than ten years before my interest yet again was caught by peer to peer technology.

When I started hearing about Bitcoin in 2011, I understood that it was peer to peer again. But this time it was with a new technology, with focus on the decentralization aspect, and that’s when I realized it was not only about currency.

In 2013 I got quite intrigued by Bitcoin, and started go get involved with people talking about Bitcoin and Blockchain. One of these people was Vitalik Buterin, who I met, and I heard he was working on this paper that would take the technology beyond Bitcoin. It then dawned on me that this would become something really big, something that would change the way we do many things, and impact business and the society in general, and I became a believer of the topic of decentralization.


Written by Irene Parsons