Travel wise with mobile apps

There is an astonishing statistics which suggests that 64% of Americans have never been abroad, yet most of them are dreaming about seeing Paris before they die, taking a short walk through gorgeous arty Barcelona or spending a week on Bahamas. What prevents most of us from making dreams come true is a bunch of concepts, or better – misconceptions about traveling being expensive, dangerous and a way out of the comfort zone.

To encourage young people launch for their first trip and help them earn a lifetime experience, we prepared several handy and non-trivial mobile applications to use during preparation and the trip itself which you might not find in top-5 must-have travel lists.

Here is our choice: While Skyscanner is widely used to find and book cheap flights, Kiwi is a relatively new yet promising app which offers unique features you won’t find elsewhere. First, you can choose a city, a country or a place in a certain radius for departure, as well as ‘anywhere’ for your final destination. You can both choose a date, ‘anytime’ or a range of dates for your traveling, meaning in case you’re not attached to a specific place or date, you will find ridiculously cheap offers such as Warsaw-Sandefjord (Norway) for 17 euros or Hamburg-Cancun (Mexico) for 178 euros one way. For those who just want to go somewhere across the Atlantic Ocean Kiwi interactive map will offer New York or Santa Domingo (Dominican Republic) for only 178 euros. Unlike other booking platforms compares flight prices from airlines which don’t normally offer linked flights and gives free insurance for cancellation or delay of your linked flights. It looks like Kiwi is a perfect playground for passionate and flexible travelers.

Couchsurfing is a growing platform and community which connects travelers with hosts and allows a traveler find a free couch in almost any point of the world. For travelers CS is a way to save money on accommodation, for hosts – an opportunity to host people with a dozen of stories to tell and vast experience to share. We see it as a great alternative to, TripAdvisor or Airbnb, especially suitable for those who plan to travel low-budget and like to put ‘experience with locals’ on the first place. Everything you need is a downloaded application, a personal profile which explains your passion to traveling and a well-written personal message. A couple of good references and pictures will be a great bonus to allow you spend less time and find a couch to crash on easily.

So, now you’ve got your tickets and have a place to stay, the next step to feel confident in the trip is a map – hello, the times of paper maps are over! While you might know about such mobile apps as, Galileo or Offline Google Maps, our personal choice is Zagranitsa.

Zagranitsa is an offline travel application which provides information about over 10,000 objects in 12 cities around the world including hotels, restaurants, hospitals, transport, delivery services etc. Among chosen cities are such famous travel destinations as London, Los-Angeles, Moscow, Paris etc. This travel app works both in online and offline modes, so that users don't have to worry about getting lost in the unknown city without internet connection. You can find a necessary place/object within seconds since they are all marked on Google Maps, as well as check directions and build a suitable route from a current location. A nice bonus to everything discussed above would be energy-saving mode which allows your phone battery work longer and make your trip more enjoyable!

You can learn more about Zagranitsa and check Google Play and iTunes links here: