Top 9 Tech Trends 2018

Deepening into the tech life you’ll inevitably find yourself hunting for the latest trends and streams.

In the course of today’s fast flowing life where everything changes at the speed of light, the digital world may consume most of your days just to not get behind the times at this point.

That happens because in order to budget for and leverage the right tech that will propel your business forward it’s a big deal to be aware of what’s coming next.

Today we want to give you a snapshot of what enterprise tech you should be thinking about, investing, or already implementing in your business in 2018.


1. Convertible Tablets/Laptops

Simple tablets and laptops with finger touch technology today are replaced by the more convertible devices with reliable potential and more customary interfaces.

Suffice to say that convertibles provide a higher level of functionality and this is the reason the devices are about to keep booming in 2018.

2. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is changing the way people see the world so no wonder it keeps outpacing Virtual reality so far.

With its ability to immerse its users into digital surrounding while they are connected, AR is going to explode this year hands down.

The more so as a lot of things are about to be available on mobile.

3. Artificial Intelligence is everywhere

No surprise, huge amount of trends today fall into this item.

Not to be critical about what we are having now, but everything is going to get ‘smarter’ in the nearest future - smarter vehicles, smarter products, goods, tech solutions and processes.


4. Health Sensors

Definitely, IoT is crushing 2018 on an equal footing with AI. And of course, it is especially clear from the healthcare industry.

Hard to underestimate the value of sensors aimed to help people improve their health and prosperity.

Keep an eye on sleep sensors in particular, there’s something to come up with those this year.


5. Facial Recognition

Not the newest technology today, but definitely one of those ones that’s making great strides.

Being one of the few real great features on the iPhone X, this biometric solution yet has pushed its way to the top charts of improving security and keeps getting more and more mainstream.


6. Smart cities

Every day more and more municipalities are integrating sensor technology into infrastructure causing at at this point real huge impact on public health and safety.

Specialists today believe that making everything around smarter will lead to letting us save our time and use our financial resource more sparingly.


7. Companion Robots

In the coming year, robots are not only about to help people about the house, but they will also provide entertainment as well as companionship. For instance Somnox created a robot that helps you fall asleep and keep your sleep healthy.

Newly created robotic concepts based on AI assist humans in different ways in their daily life, some of them even are able to show compassion through facial expressions.


8. Virtual Reality.

Not as hot as Augmented Reality this year, VR still remains very trendy since brands are eager to add more value at a variety of price points.

E.g. Spending just a couple hundred dollars you can get Facebook’s new

Oculus Go and other companies are competing at that price point as well.


9. Drones

Drones are always in trend for the past years. Being multifunctional feature-packled small gadgets, they are rightly constant crowd favourites.

For example, the Oori drone - the world’s first smart racing model - has been created for speed but with its user-friendly design can be also used for recreational flying.


A simple key to staying competitive in digital world is to be always aware of what’s around the corner in your industry. So be ready to stay on top of it, you should keep your finger on the latest trends’ pulse.



Good luck and stay tuned to our latest news!


Written by Irene Parsons