The product which is supposed to change the cardiology in the USA

Mobile devices have probably changed every sphere of the society. The use of mobile devices in the medicine has transformed to the clinical practice.

But first of all, ask yourself and answer honestly. Have you ever felt a terrible and a sudden pain in your chest? How many times do you visit a cardiologist per year? Maybe, it’s time to find a solution? The modern medicine spends a lot of time trying to prevent increasing the number of heart diseases. Doctors spend months, and even years, learning to hear the internal workings of the human body. New technologies provide medicine with opportunity to visualize what’s going on inside of a patient.

Stethoscope has become one of the most iconic symbols of the medical profession.

No other tool so strongly identifies doctors than a stethoscope around their necks. Using a stethoscope the doctor can detect whether your heart is beating properly and has normal rhythm or not.

Heart disease is one of the main problems that cause many deaths around the world.

Almost 25% of the American population suffers from heart diseases. Almost 53% of people have an asthma attack each year. It is very important to prevent these growths. Considering the above-mentioned problems the new medical gadget is released.

The mobile technology has a great impact on the health industry.

The ability of the smartphones to combine portability with real-time data collection gives a real benefit for patient care. Imagine, you’ve got some sudden pain in chest and you need to check your heart beating or to hear lungs. What you gonna do? Do you want to stay in lines and wait your turn to go to the doctor? The mobile medicine has the answer for you: Just take your phone!

The medical gadget Steth IO, created by inventor Suman Mulumudi, promises to revolutionize the stethoscope market.

Steth IO takes it a step further by turning your smartphone into a stethoscope. It is a low cost solution that hears and visualizes heart sounds. You get audio and visual data and can share it with a specialist. The heart beating converts to the diaphragm that collects low-frequency sounds and sends them through a tube to the microphone, turning his iPhone into a stethoscope. 

Meanwhile, Steth IO’s app decomposes sounds into their frequency components constructing a spectrogram. Utilizing precisely tuned digital filters, it enhances frequencies of interest and attenuates ambient noise. Audio playback is synchronized to the visualization for a confident diagnosis. Using Steth IO’s annotation tool, the patient or the doctor can add notes to precise points in your exams for review, and flag sections of interest for rapid retrieval. Securely save and organize exams using the Steth IO app for future review, brings the stethoscope into digital age. The doctor can look back at a patient’s history for serial comparisons and assess disease progression. The app helps to diagnose and track asthma’s progression. New app also may help the cardiac patient to control the rhythm of the heart more conveniently and faster.

It’s great to have your own pocket doctor who can call someone and hear your heart beating. So, the mobile phones aren’t just convenient tools, they could be life-savers, too.

We are happy to be part of the team creating such a great future today. Please, have a look at our Case Study StethIO.