How to monitor food in your fridge: smart solutions for home and hospitality business

The question of keeping products fresh is valid for both individuals and businesses: no one likes to find out that tomatoes are rotten, milk has expired and a batch of salmon went bad. No businessman is eager to lose money on products that were not properly stored or monitored. For this article we prepared some examples of smart solutions applicable both for domestic and business purposes to make the science of storing food simple.

Speaking about domestic solutions, tech innovations went far beyond the limits, the proof of which was presented in the latest report of Consumer Technology Association in Las Vegas. Besides keeping your goods fresh, a new generation of smart fridges offers a number of solutions for everyday needs. Two of them are described below.

The latest of fridge innovations includes LG Alexa-powered fridge which enables you order groceries or play music via voice command. A panoramic-view camera placed inside the fridge will take pictures of the products and send to your mobile app, while a fresh tracker will keep you updated about the expiration dates of the products. The most impressive feature, though, is claimed to be Instaview: come up to a closed fridge, tap on the door twice, and your doors will go transparent to reveal the inside view without opening the door and losing coolness which will help products last longer.

LG, though, is not the only company trying to revolutionize ‘dumb’ household utilities. It has three(!) built-cameras to take shots of the products inside every time the door closes. The pictures can be reached from a mobile phone to see what products you’re missing while shopping and whether some of them expired. To make life of its owner easier, it offers a triple cooling system, ability to purchase groceries via MasterCard and recipe browsing. You can also synchronize calendars of all family members, leave notes to each other and keep favorite photos on display. Besides, you can watch TV shows and listen to your favorite music with built-in or compatible wireless speakers.

While spending USD 6K for a smart fridge (its average price on the market) may sound insane for some, there is another invention expected to be launched on the market this year which combines the best features of smart fridges for reasonable price.

Smarter FridgeCam is a small camera which you can place inside your fridge to take images every time the door is open or shut. Later on, the pictures can be viewed from your smartphone, and the device sends notifications when the user is running low or products are about to expire. With its geolocation features it will remind you to drop to the shop whenever you find yourself close to the supermarket and offer recipes based on the available ingredients in the fridge.

Although all the described innovations offer loads of extra entertainment, they make sure that the main function of the fridge is performed superbly, and you’ll always have fresh ingredients for both simple breakfast and sophisticated dinner.

While keeping your products fresh for domestic purposes is important, such industries as hospitality or food retail can benefit from smart solutions on a large scale. Accellabs Development designed a smart solution for keeping goods fresh which has potential to revolutionize hospitality business – KoolZone. KoolZone was developed as a smart application for hospitality and grocery sales industries while it helps keep meals and goods safely stored at the right temperature. By using wireless and wired sensors placed in refrigerators, freezers or on beer-barrels KoolZone automates and simplifies the process of capturing, storing, analyzing and reporting on real-time temperature measurements. You can find more about KoolZone here:

To sum up,  it seems no matter whether you take care of your household or run a business, investment in proper equipment designed to keep your goods fresh is worthy and will quickly pay back both in sales profit and reduced electricity bills.