Adaptive Learning with AI Support

Adaptive learning is a high-tech form of personalized learning.


Thanks to AI, digital learning interfaces can adapt to students' needs in real time, providing the lessons and exercises needed to fill knowledge gaps and reinforce concepts. Everything is at the level of every student.


One example is the AI-powered math tutoring service Thinkster, which promises to improve math scores by up to 90% for grade 8 students.


And in April 2020, Thinkster acquired another AI-powered adaptive learning service called SelectQ. SelectQ uses Tutoring technology to prepare for the SAT test.


Responsive learning is also featured in ROYBI's robot, named one of Time Magazine's Best Inventions of 2019.


ROYBI uses machine learning to adapt its educational content to the child who interacts with it, taking into account the learning style and emotions of the child.


Artificial intelligence is also used to evaluate essays in at least 21 US states, although the results are not always flawless.


AI-enabled chatbots are also becoming more common.


For example, the Duolingo chatbot uses adaptive learning to teach foreign languages.


And chatbots like and AdmitHub are used as senior administrative assistants, helping with everything from the college admission process to student housing and financial aid.


These automated tools can drastically cut costs for colleges, as the average call center cost is around $ 5.