Accellabs Receives Recognition as a Top Developer

A few months ago, the Accellabs team decided to join a B2B ratings and reviews platform, After just a short period of time on the site, we are excited to announce that we are already off to an incredible start. In a recent research finding, Accellabs was recognized for our leadership as a development team in AngularJS-based projects for Ukraine!


It took effort for us to reach a prestigious position as a leading company. Clutch had to thoroughly evaluate our company, on factors such as our presence in the tech industry, our portfolio of work, and even the experiences our clients had working with us. So far, an unbiased Clutch analyst has held one-on-one interviews with three of our clients. Each interview touched on questions regarding the specifics of services provided, why we were chosen as a vendor, our performance as a team, and the impact we had on their business. Ultimately, the reviews and ratings led to an overall impressive 4.7 out of 5.0 stars and a position as a top development company on Clutch! Not only did we receive wonderful comments from our clients, but this also led to a feature on Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest, as one of the UK's leading web development companies!

These are just some of the comments are clients had to say about us in their interviews:

“I appreciate their ability to onboard quality resources who push our projects forward. The team is responsive, and we’re able to call them before and after hours. They manage projects well and go the extra mile without being asked.” – CEO, Quoting Software

“Accellabs was easy to work with despite the time zone difference. The team was always available and had access to a range of helpful resources and technological expertise.” – Managing Director, Tech Firm

“Their engineers are extremely talented. In particular, the iOS developer that we work with was very impressive. He finished projects ahead of schedule on a consistent basis, so much so that we began designing new app features and functionalities to leverage his knowledge of the platform and user needs.” – VP Technology, Consumer Privacy Company

These two awards couldn’t have been achieved without the dedication of our team, the focus we have to make every digital product succeed, and especially the trust our clients have given us to make it all happen. The commitment we have to quality customer service is at the center of what we do, and we look forward to learning more from our clients. For more detail into the projects Clutch interviewed our clients on, we invite to you visit our profile on their website.