Augmented reality breakthrough in education

In the modern era of digital technologies with an escalating role of virtual reality in the recent years, augmented reality is step-by-step conquering its place among the latest developments. While nowadays AR can be traced in such smartphone applications as Pokemon Go or Ingress and AR-glasses design attempts including Microsoft Hololens, Google G...

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The product which is supposed to change the cardiology in the USA

Mobile devices have probably changed every sphere of the society. The use of mobile devices in the medicine has transformed to the clinical practice. But first of all, ask yourself and answer honestly. Have you ever felt a terrible and a sudden pain in your chest? How many times do you visit a cardiologist per year? Maybe, it’s time to fin...

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The Internet of Things. Just Let Us Run the World

Have you ever tried to imagine how our world will look like just in a hundred years? What devices will we use? What our common days will go like with all those changes?  Did you know there’s a field of technology world which can change our lives the way we wouldn’t believe if we could travel in time and see it? Today we want...

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