Top IT jobs in demand for the future

The tech industry is on the upswing, so now is the perfect time to learn about the best tech jobs in the industry. We’ve assessed these top jobs in tech based on several factors, including salary, job outlook, and requirements.

2020 is here, so we won’t keep you waiting–here are the best tech jobs for the new decade.

1. Mobile Application Developer

 Mobile Application Development is an inspiring tech field that requests creativity and keen problem solving skills, also is one of the world's fastest growing careers. As tablets and smart phones keep on change the way we do business, communicate, and access news & entertainment, the demand for new and innovative mobile apps is growing at an incredible rate. Google's Android and Apple's iOS (iPhone & iPad) platforms will continue to offer the most job provisions for mobile developers.

2. Video Game Designer

 Video game design is a competitive industry in which the designer of a game is very much like the director of a film; the designer is the visionary of the game and controls the artistic and tech elements of the game in fulfillment of their vision. Game designers with mobile development expertise will be especially sought after as smart phones and tablets continue to change how video games are played. Game designer employment will also profit from nascent technology and rising demand for enhanced reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications.

3. IT Security Specialist

 Security will remain the main concern for IT executives and hiring managers as the frequency, scope and complexity of cyber attacks continues to expand. Year after year, IT executives report actively looking for professionals with information security skills, but find it difficult to detect excellent talent. This points to an incredible opportunity for technology professionals to advance their cyber security skills and certifications. Computer security skills in the greatest demand include IT operations security, risk management, information assurance, mobile device security, network and cloud/virtualization security.

4. Virtual reality architect or virtual worlds designer

 It is the responsibility of the specialist to design and create a virtual space.

The profession requires in-depth knowledge in the field of IT, virtual reality, high creative potential and developed communication skills to establish effective interaction with the customer and a clear understanding of the tasks.

Already, virtual reality architects are seeing increased demand in education, the creation of computer games, the defense industry, design, and medicine. In the future, the percentage of those interested in these specialists will increase significantly.

5. Computer Systems Analyst

 As organizations continue to increase their defer to technology, computer systems analysts will be hired to architect new systems. Health care is a major area for systems analyst employment growth, as dynamic government mandates and funding initiatives carry on drive improve in electronic medical record (EMR) adoption, electronic prescription services and other health-centric software projects that demand custom computer systems. The U.S. Department of Labor also predicts a 43% increase in systems analyst hiring at IT consultation offices, which translates to a huge amount of freelance and contract job offers in this position.

6. Network lawyer

This specialist researches the legal aspects with a view to their application in practice to the issues surrounding the processes in the IT sphere and the relationships arising therefrom. In other words, he is a legal practitioner in the field of information technology.
The complexity of the online legal profession is that it, like most future IT-related professions, requires professional knowledge in two very different areas - law and information technology.
Online lawyers are increasingly being recruited to work in large companies to protect intellectual rights in the information environment, including virtual ones.

7. Cybersecurity Risk Manager

 Timely assessment and prevention of potential risks of information leakage, hacking, cyber attacks and other cybercrimes are key challenges faced by a risk manager working in the area of cyber security.
Specialists in this field should have a deep knowledge of the IT sphere and constantly develop in this direction, as they need to be several steps ahead of the cybercriminals by anticipating their actions and taking protective measures. It’ll be good to have experience in management.

8. Health Information Technician

 Health care will ensure more new computer jobs through 2020 than any other single industry. Government mandates and funding incentives for practice of medicine to embrace centralized electronic health records is driving extraordinary hiring of health news technicians trained and qualified in these new technologies. Health news technicians may earn the lowest starting payment on this list, but the necessary education is the quickest (usually a 2-year degree program in Health IT), plus candidates learning now will be well-positioned for profitable management positions as the health IT.

9. Technology Manager

 Employment growth for information technology managers has a direct bearing on the growth rates of the IT workers they supervise. Record-breaking development in a variety of technical careers – including networking, software engineering, mobile development, data management and cloud computing – will fueling strong demand for talented IT managers. Added growth will be driven by augmented focus on information security and the hiring of additional cyber security personnel.

10. Database Administrator

 Businesses builds up impressive amounts of digital information, incentive the need for trained and qualified DBAs to store, arrange, analyze and secure this data. Furthermore, as more databases are connected to the Internet and cloud, data confidentiality will become progressively vital and complex; database administrators and developers - especially those with information security proficiency - will be hired to provide protection corporate data from hackers and other cyber threat vectors.

Thanks for reading this article. We compiled this comparison of the decade’s hottest technology jobs to function as your guide. These 10 computer careers will experience the strongest growth, pay payments well above the national average, boast top rates of employment, and offer a range of promotion possibilities.