Accellabs Tops In the List of App Development Company at GoodFirms Owing to Their Unconventional Services

Accellabs is one of the pre-eminent names in the field of technology and solution consulting firms offering a range of services such as mobile app development, IoT, software testing, blockchain, and many more. The company’s effective approach to developing various technology solutions has grabbed GoodFirms attention, which, in turn, has prompted GoodFirms to rank the company as one of the top companies on the website.


An Overview of the Company


Founded in 2010, Accellabs is headquartered in London. With over a decade of experience, the firm has been continually employing software innovation to increase business efficiency. Driven by passion, self-development, teamwork, energy, engagement, and fun, the team at Accellabs offers professional support clients to the core.  From ideation and architecture to design, development, and quality assurance team, the firm manages all stages of the software lifecycle with finesse. 


The work done by the committed team is not only limited to the start or end of the project, but they readily offer continual support in product customization, new features development, consultancy, and design update even when the project is complete. The expert team initiates the process by understanding their clients’ ideas and serve them with a detailed proposal. Then, the development stage starts with regular deliverables along with clients’ reviews. This is a transparent way to keep clients’ in the circle. 


Moreover, the firm goes the extra mile to analyze, suggest, and offer solutions by taking into account their clients’ business priorities, marketing goals, and operational needs.


GoodFirms Research Methodology


GoodFirms is a B2B research and review portal located in Washington-D.C that evaluates companies to help them find appropriate ones. The research conducted by the learned researchers plays a massive part in assisting seekers by evaluating and ranking each company based on their Quality, Reliability, and Ability to deliver solutions and services.


Accellabs also underwent this strict evaluation process and got placed in the list of best companies. After the research, it was concluded that the firm has been doing considerable work with honesty and diligence. Details from the research are given below: 


Holding Core Expertise in Mobile App Development


Mobile app development is a new business communication channel used for selling products, connecting with the target audience, and even when it comes to dealing with dealers and partners. Accellabs is an established company having its core expertise in mobile app development. The app developers here offer a full-cycle of mobile app development services ranging from strategy to user experience to clients of different areas.


George Watson, Vice President of Technology at TrackOFF, gave a 5-star rating to Accellabs, praising them for surpassing expectations and clear communication approach to help their clients. 

The experienced iOS and Android teams have great expertise in developing top-of-the-line mobile app development, which can assist in the business process, whether it is a minimum viable product or any kind of mobile application. Being a dedicated company in mobile app development, they support businesses to increase earnings and fast promotion of products and services. Hence, the firm's effort can soon make them acquire a rank as a top mobile app development company in the world at GoodFirms. 


Keeping Businesses Ahead by Offering IoT Services


The Internet of things (IoT) is a trending field that is attracting eyeballs from different industries and compelling them to adopt this technology to increase productivity and efficiency. The professionals at Accellabs know that IoT is not just a bunch of different instruments and sensors, rather it is a much closer integration of the real and virtual world where people and devices perform communication. With this, the IoT developers at Accellabs provide services to different companies that keep them ahead of the competition. By upgrading the existing product, the excellent team has always been successful in creating smart solutions.


The team is highly qualified to serve companies from different niches and help them chase the latest innovations, generate revenues, or to make products smarter. The smart solutions provided by the team can speed up the development process upto 80%. These factors have made the company a frontrunner in IoT company in London at GoodFirms. 


Ensuring Product Quality with Software Testing


Testing is vital to detect a failure at any stage of the software development cycle. In fact, the reputation of a company and its product depends on the quality of the product it offers. This is when testing is required, which aims at confirming the quality of software. The knowledgeable team at Accellabs takes into account the level of technical business risk for the product and project when implementing the testing services. Furthermore, they also take care of the time and budget constraints, user satisfaction, product functionality, reliability, and accuracy of the project.


The well-versed team helps clients deliver safe and dependable software, which is mandatorily passed through the entire testing process. This helps them build not only their reputation but makes them the most-sought company among users. The firm also protects business from cyber attacks. Going by all these positive facets of the company, it is highly estimated that the firm is soon to rank as the top software testing company in the UK at GoodFirms. 

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